Wise Charging provides consulting services to help design and optimise fleet EV charging infrastructure. We can advise you on what chargers, layouts, and management software can best meet your needs.

Why are Electric Vehicle Fleets Different?

EV Fleets (Battery Electric Buses, Trucks) move and charge differently from passenger cars. They run on a predictable schedule, they are usually interchangeable, park in lanes, and often have other needs around the yard or depot like cleaning. Our ChargeSim tool and expertise can help you select the chargers, charging schedules and movement patterns to keep your fleet charged and running with a minimum of equipment, movement and electricity costs.

What is Wise Charging?

Wise Charging is about finding the right solution for charging your fleet, together with your operations processes like cleaning, scheduling systems and electricity provider. For example, delaying charging from peak periods to off peak periods. Done wisely, simple approaches like this can harvest most of the cost benefits of smart charging, without complex integration, tools or difficult operational changes. Wisely picking the right chargers, smart charging approach, vendors and algorithm for your situation can enable savings from day one and flexibility for better techniques in the future.

Cost savings from wise charging – actual outcomes will vary by project

Often the major possible savings in a project can come from up front choices like deciding on the right chargers for your needs. Grid limiting will often deliver substantial savings without complex scheduling or integration. Planning charging sessions on a per-vehicle basis with smart charging tools can further lower operating costs, and often be implemented or improved after the initial installation.

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